Thursday, April 13, 2006

A full breach by the world's most chilled out dolphin

I don’t know what this dolphin had for lunch! The picture shows that the most inactive dolphins in the world do sometimes put on energetic displays. Here an Irrawaddy dolphin performs a full breach, jumping clear out of the water. The picture captures the early part of the jump. The photo was taken in the Santubong River estuary on 5th June 2001. At the time we were conducting a dolphin survey. I’ve only seen this breaching behaviour three times in the 6 years that I have been going out dolphin watching near Kuching.

On that day we were watching a group of dolphins that had come together on the surface. They were splashing around, slapping their fins at each and generally seemed to be enjoying themselves. I don’t know what they were doing – playing, mating - who knows. They were on the surface for about 20 minutes, then the main group slowly moved off and suddenly a dolphin jumped out of the water right near the boat. I have not seen another photo of an Irrawaddy dolphin breaching in the wild. So, thanks Stuart for allowing me to post it here.


FH2O said...

Thanks Wayne (and Stuart too)!

Now that's what I want to see ... and capture on camera! Eventually?
Now this has become my 'holy grail'! ;)

What an inspiration of a photograph! :)

Desmond said... this the Wayne I met at Miami? Not in the US la...across u just started blogging?

pesut said...

I was orginally going to add a dolphin sub-site to, which has been up for years. Decided it was easier to do it as a blog. Video clips will be posted on borneotravel not the blog. When I get the time that is.

jin pyn said...


I am writing a conservation piece on the Irrawaddy dolphins for a magazine and would appreciate permission to use some quotes and photos. Any way to contact Stuart Green?


A little bit more about me can be found on and under the programme Unearthed.

Jin Pyn

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