Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Pamphlet on Sarawak's Irrawaddy Dolphins

The Sarawak Tourism Board recently published a pamphlet on Sarawak’s Irrawaddy dolphins as part of a product development initiative related to the state’s dolphin watching industry. The pamphlet will be given out to tourists who participate in dolphin watching tours. It contains a fact file on the Irrawaddy dolphin with information on habitat, distribution, appearance, behaviour, diet, reproduction, group size, and an overview of the various conservation threats faced by the dolphins. It also discusses association with local fisherman, where to go dolphin watching and provides brief details about other marine mammals of Sarawak. The general idea is to improve on-board interpretation so that tourists can learn more about the dolphins.

The pamphlet also contains a range of photos taken at Santubong, Salak, Sibu Laut and Buntal. Many of these photos first appeared in this blog. The back page image by Chien Lee was featured here in May.
So, if you are in town and plan to go dolphin watching ask for a copy of the pamphlet.

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FH2O said...

I'm 'stocking up' on this most useful pamphlet to hand out to the participants on my Dolphins Watching Kayaking Trip prior to the actual trip.

This is most useful as the background information would make the trip even more enjoyable; and to appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to see these wonderful mammals in the wild.

Kudos to Sarawak Tourism Board and all those involved for this initiative.